Sega Toylets

toyletOne motion, four games. For the month of January, Sega will be test running their groundbreaking urinal console, Toylets, in four Tokyo metro locations, including Akihabara, Soga and Ikebukuro.

Player aims at the pressure sensor installed in the urinal and use their maximum power to play the four available mini-games.

1. Mannekin Pis

Measures how hard you can pee.

2. Graffiti Eraser

Remove paint by pointing a hose in different directions. The harder you pee, the easier it is to remove the stains.

3. The Northern Wind, The Sun and Me

You play as the wind trying to blow a girl’s skirt up, and the harder you pee, the harder the wind blows.

4. Battle! Milk From Nose

A competitive game where you try to out-pee the person who last used the urinal. Use your maximum peeing strength to help your Sumo wrestler shoot out milk from his nose to knock the opponent out of the ring.

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