A creative agency formed to produce experience-driven campaigns for global

brands in the lifestyle, retail and entertainment sectors. We promote sustainable,

bleeding-edge ideas to create insightful conversations; our diverse team of

provocateurs listens carefully to global trends and cultural shifts to change the way

we interact with each other. We are forever bound – made, somehow, more human

by our collective experience.

The SPOKE Agency

32 Britain Street, Suite 400

Toronto, Ontario Canada

M5A 1R6

Carefully planned space informs a flow of dialogue among staff, visitors, clients

and partner agencies via music, arts and business. Our 3000 ft2 headquarters in

downtown Toronto has two lounges, a full kitchen, boardroom and modular

meeting spaces built with pocketed glass door systems.

Our mandate to blend characters with brands is the singular, guiding

insight into the integrated campaigns that we've created over the past

two years at SPOKE. The teams work collaboratively to modify consumer

behaviour and extend a campaign beyond rudimentary buying actions.

We're reinforcing brand communities to create conversation.

The group challenges tactical, exploitive traditional agency models with

organic methodologies to achieve measurable and meaningful work. We

produce unmatched creative, superior client services and innovative media.

Our commitment to excellence: lead ideas with business logic to enhance

the brands we represent.

Our HR practice creates opportunities for digital

thinkers to echo marketing objectives in self-managed

project groups. Our focused organizational hierarchy

builds careers and strengthens our mandate to blend

characters with brands.

The SPOKE Agency Ltd. was formed in October 2009

by Jeff Greenspoon (CEO) and Kai Exos (ECD).









Come watch A River in the Woods, short film screening at TIFF


September 12 at 8pm at the AGO.  Features the unbelievable


cinematography work of Scott McClellan.  A River in the Woods,...


- Posted by Clay Rochemont, 6/9/2011, 9:31 am

Our favourite moments,

they’re usually awkward

but we really do love

working together.